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How To Live In Freedom After the Fireworks Go Out

Yesterday I got lost, but not in the woods – in self-preservation. We are go for launch over here with my first book releasing September 1st. I’ve learned a painful reality of being an author in 2018. Writing a book is as similar to launching a book as flying in an airplane is to desperately […]
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Choosing to Live From Joy

Last week I shared some insights after watching two movies that entertained, but also got me thinking about my life at the gut-level. The first film was, “I Can Only Imagine” and while it was excellent, even more intriguing was the interview I found since then featuring Bart and Shannon Millard with Focus on the […]
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Quitting the Circus – How to Know When to Embrace the Spotlight or Go Home

I had a rare night home alone last night and it felt luxurious to think about all day. First thoughts went to all the work I could get done in the house and in my new career (because I’m embracing it for what it is, finally). I had seasonal projects hiding behind closed doors, dishes […]
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Why You Need to Claim Your Name

This week has been a big one for our family. We made some hard decisions that were messy, but they were ones we believe were necessary in order to keep on living our meaningful life, wisely. There is nothing clean, easy and absent of pain in this life; even the events that bring incredible joy […]
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Creating a Work Space (and Mindset) That Works For You

I’m going to start this post out today like we’re at a recovery group meeting (which is one of my favorite spaces): with confession. When I started out on this month’s topic of Spring cleaning for the home & soul I had aspirations that I weighed out and thought were do-able. I picked 4 spaces […]
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Making Our Closets Rooms for Adorning – Not Shaming

During this Spring month of April (in spite of some recent snow showers) we are making our way through our home and our soul to intentionally lift out what needs to go, rearrange what we need to work differently for us, and bring out what reminds us of who we are so we rest in […]
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