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What I Want My Daughter To Learn From St. Valentine’s Day

From what I can tell, St. Valentine’s Day has its roots in the martyrdom of at least one Christian, all Valentine’s, on February 14th. Rather gruesome displays in fact. Much later Geoffrey Chaucer, author of “The Canterbury Tales” decreed the February feast of St. Valentinus to be associated with the mating of birds, which is apparently […]
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Release the Mama Bears! Why the Time is Now

A few weekends ago I had the privilege of speaking at a retreat on the topic of Imago Dei: the image of God. Specifically, I was asked to speak on how we as women are created in the Imago Dei, uniquely as women. Well, my pleasure. I have skinned my knee so many times on […]
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10 Ways to Transition Like a Human Person

I shared some behind-the-scenes true stories of my “fail” moments as a blogger with those who subscribe this week…which could be you too if you sign up here, but no one needs to know if you do or don’t. You are OK. So, it’s 2018. I feel like I need to start there because I’m still […]
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5 Surefire Ways to Hinder Healthy Female Friendships – Part II

For those of you just joining us here, this is Part II – where I share the remaining 3 surefire ways to hinder healthy female friendships (just some things I’ve learned from doing it the lesser wise way). If you missed the first two ways, you can read them here. If you never read it, that’s […]
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5 Surefire Ways to Hinder Healthy Female Friendships – Part I

Several years ago I was asked to speak to a mom’s group on women friendships. The irony went several layers deep, I felt like the least qualified woman to speak on friendship. Though I was women’s ministry director for our church at the time, I felt lonely, socially too-much, over-extended in shallow relationships, I struggled […]
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A Tribe For the Tribe-less

I started this post over 35 years ago, making this the longest writing project I’ve worked on to date. So excuse me, this is long. I was barely 5 years old sitting on the edge of my bed sobbing uncontrollably when my mom gave me my first friendship lesson: I have to share my friends. […]
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