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Choosing to Not Go It Alone – Making Relationships Our Second Main Thing

This week we continue our focus on our priorities — the theme we are prioritizing this month. To recap, we started our discussion around the idea of keeping the “main thing the main thing” and chose to set out by seeking ancient wisdom in God’s Word for guidance. I shared on last week’s post on rest how […]
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A Soul at Rest Tends to Stay at Rest

I’ll never forget the moment the word “busy” rung in my ears like a curse word. My grandmother, whom I loved dearly, was battling stage 4 lung cancer. She had been in treatments, had lost her hair, and I lived several hours away but spent as many weekends with her as I possibly could. I […]
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Choosing Our Main Things and Keeping Them Main

Grizz likes to use this one line to calm me down when I find myself swirling in circles of overwhelm, with too many choices for too little time: Keep the main thing the main thing. That’s all well and fine, I remind him, but what if you don’t know what the main thing is even? […]
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Lessons Learned from eHarmony – 10 Married Years Later

The month of love is winding down today. For the stores at least, I hope not for you. Pastel bunnies and foil-wrapped chocolate eggs are lacing the shelves that just days earlier kissed us with the sweetest messages on candy hearts. Sugar wrapped in plastic communicating love now speak of resurrected life. What an odd […]
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Showing Up is Showing Love – Remembering Billy Graham

In this special month of love, I want to remind myself and you of one of the most powerful yet simple gestures we can use to show love: show up. And not the kind of showing up that checks a box, makes an appearance, or just goes on record as having been there. I mean […]
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What I Want My Daughter To Learn From St. Valentine’s Day

From what I can tell, St. Valentine’s Day has its roots in the martyrdom of at least one Christian, all Valentine’s, on February 14th. Rather gruesome displays in fact. Much later Geoffrey Chaucer, author of “The Canterbury Tales” decreed the February feast of St. Valentinus to be associated with the mating of birds, which is apparently […]
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