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Creating a Work Space (and Mindset) That Works For You

I’m going to start this post out today like we’re at a recovery group meeting (which is one of my favorite spaces): with confession. When I started out on this month’s topic of Spring cleaning for the home & soul I had aspirations that I weighed out and thought were do-able. I picked 4 spaces […]
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Making Our Closets Rooms for Adorning – Not Shaming

During this Spring month of April (in spite of some recent snow showers) we are making our way through our home and our soul to intentionally lift out what needs to go, rearrange what we need to work differently for us, and bring out what reminds us of who we are so we rest in […]
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Making Our Rooms of Rest Places of Rest

I love makeovers. I watch shows about makeovers. I enjoy stories and photo albums that track makeovers. I join my husband in buying old Chevy trucks so we can strategize how to design makeovers on wheels. And when I have the money and time to do a makeover in our home it just may be […]
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Soul Cleaning – in Spring! 101 Changes You Can Make Before Bed!

Hello Spring! It’s nice to be with you again, even if our connection is spotty for a while. One of my favorite comedians is Jim Gaffigan and he jokes about Spring: It’s not always winter. There’s Spring, people love Spring. That’s a fun day. What a lie Spring is, right? I use to spend the entire Spring […]
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How to Define and Share Your Unique Brilliance

This post is the 4th in a series all about our priorities, determining what our “main things” are and choosing to intentionally make them our main things on our weekly schedule. But before we get too deep into this week’s main thing I need to tell you something about me. I love British television. Actually […]
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Choosing to Not Go It Alone – Making Relationships Our Second Main Thing

This week we continue our focus on our priorities — the theme we are prioritizing this month. To recap, we started our discussion around the idea of keeping the “main thing the main thing” and chose to set out by seeking ancient wisdom in God’s Word for guidance. I shared on last week’s post on rest how […]
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